Put Your Password Skills to the Test

  • 28 November 2023
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In the digital age, passwords have become the first line of defense against cyber threats.

Yet, many of us still fall into the trap of using weak and easily guessable passwords.

But how easy is it to make a password, you just have to follow the password rules, right?


Well…how good are you at following rules?



Have a look at the above video and try the following

  • Well first try to actually beat the game :)
  • Write in the comment if you were stuck
  • Write how you found the answer to the different rules

Would you use such a password in your daily life?

3 replies

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Interesting, thanks for sharing. For some time I have been practicing a “passwordless”  authentication. Whenever I am logging into a certain page, I am resetting the password and putting in a random sequence of characters, numbers and special symbols. Works like a magic. The next time, I am logging into the website, I just reset the creds.


Of course, it would easier to just use the password manager.

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Is it me or is this a bug ? xD xD



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Is it only me or would it be a rather genious idea to write a simple app that would test for the strength of the users password and in the reality it would save all the passwords for the dictionary attack?