Handling Captcha In test Automation

  • 24 May 2023
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Hi Community, I think the topic has been in debate for long. I think captcha cannot be automated and 

we should ask the dev team to remove it as it is designed to identify it is are used as security checks to

deter spammers and hackers from using forms on web pages.

But there are certain chrome windgets like buster which can resolve the captcha. kindly let me know

your thoughts.


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3 replies

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My own opinion is that:

  • you’re then moving out of the area of testing your own company’s application & taking on the responsibility which Google should have with testing the captcha
  • this introduces a further external concern to the testing & additional failure point 
  • it introduces the need for additional tooling, resourcing, time and money to your project’s testing
  • what are the requirements of this captcha from the business side? how critical is it & in what depth do they need it tested? have you had discussions with them
  • Captcha can be hacked & bypassed now. It isn’t secure and is an annoyance to end users. Your team might want to consider its pros and cons before adopting in general

The general advice from boards like ISTQB is to bypass it & introduce a testing interface which won’t touch the captcha. I would agree with them here… captchas are more hassle than they are worth

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Bypassing the Captcha is the best way


I think we can be able to test Captcha’s in many tools by using few Concepts.
In selenium it is developed, Test Complete tool has the ability to read captcha using OCR concept.

I hope, Tosca is also can read captcha using Vision AI concept. Just it will read the content from image Captcha and will be sending the same content to Text Box.