Do testers need to know how to code?

  • 1 November 2023
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The general public often conflates various skill sets and abilities found in the tech industry. Many seem to think that in order to be a tester (or to fit in anywhere in the tech sector) you need to know how to code. 

I myself have found that regardless of what role you’re in, basic knowledge of code and some of its fundamental principles help serve just about any position in a tech environment. It may not be necessary to write or execute in every role, but having some degree of familiarity with how things work under the hood is often helpful in the day-to-day encounters in the field. 

What do you think? How much coding knowledge does your role require? And are there areas in tech where you don’t think it’s necessary? 

2 replies

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I think this could be extended to most areas. Knowledge about security, networking, testing, coding, hardware, reporting, not to mention all the project management, task handling, analysis 6 requirements & service setup sides have helped me across many areas… the more knowledge the better.


I don’t personally believe coding is absolutely necessary for testing myself (depending on focus/area - performance & automation excluded) but helps. 


“are there areas in tech where you don’t think it’s necessary?”

Operating a coffee machine (vital role!) :cD

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It depends a lot on the context and the role during a carrer but I would say that coding knowledge should be there. How much is a total different question.


As a tester you need to understand a lot in a project as stated also by @alex_read . A tester must know as much as possible about a project and be able to put himself in the shoes of almost all the stakeholders.