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Tricentis Tosca Copilot is now available

The Tricentis Tosca Copilot is now available. Tosca Copilot is a generative AI assistant that enhances productivity by optimizing test portfolios, explaining complex test cases, and providing actionable execution insights.  Powered by advanced Large Language Models (LLMs), the Copilot enables users to quickly find, understand, and optimize test assets through a user-friendly chat interface, enabling greater efficiency and faster onboarding.  Unlike general-purpose language models, Tosca Copilot is uniquely designed for the Tosca environment, making it a powerful, context-aware productivity assistant.     Initial Capabilities Test Portfolio Optimization: With Tosca Copilot, you can optimize your test suite by quickly identifying unused test cases, duplicates, unlinked assets, and more, while performing mass changes.   Comprehensive Test Case Explanation:  Tosca Copilot allows you to right-click on a test case and ask the chatbot to summarize its contents quickly. This feature helps new team members get onboarded easily, saves time, and simplifies portfolio management by providing clear explanations of test case functions, linked assets, and more.  Execution Insights:  With this feature, you can right-click on the execution list and generate meaningful, actionable interpretations. You will also be able to chat with the AI in plain language, asking for more detailed, follow-up questions, thus generating more advanced and deeper analysis.   Learn more with these resources: Webinar: Join us on June 20th for an overview on the Tosca Copilot capabilities  Demo: See how Tosca copilot works with our interactive demo  Demo Series: Register to see a Tosca copilot live demo and ask questions during a live Q&A  Blog post: Read about the Tosca copilot benefits, and more  To get started with Tosca Copilot, you’ll need to meet the following requirements: Tosca version 16.0 or above.  Subscription licensing  An active Tosca Cloud license. We recommend that an administrator sets up the initial tenant and assigns seats to team members. For more information, read this article.  Register for the webinar to learn about Tosca Copilot.  

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Participate in the Tosca Copilot beta program

The Tricentis Tosca Copilot beta program is now live. As part of the program, you will gain early access to our Tosca Copilot, and you will also get to work with our product development team to provide valuable feedback from your experience.  Powered by advanced LLMs and generative AI, Tosca Copilot is your partner designed to boost productivity and accelerate success throughout the testing lifecycle.   Key capabilities:  Optimize your test portfolio: Easily convert plain language into complex Tosca Query Language (TQL) queries to streamline your portfolio, eliminating unused test cases, unlinked assets, and duplicates, saving time and reducing redundancy.  Get quality insights: Transform how your team interprets test results and troubleshoots issues, with insights that speed up the fixing of errors and shorten release times.  Summarize complex tests: Understand complex test case workflows quickly through natural language explanations, enhancing productivity, simplifying maintenance, and easing the onboarding of new team members.   Beta program requirements:  Tosca version 16.0 or above.  An active Tosca Cloud license (available to all Tosca subscription customers). For more information on how to activate your license, check out this article.   This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of testing with Tosca Copilot. To join the beta program, sign up here.  

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