Puzzle quest: SAP Crossword Challenge

  • 26 March 2024
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Puzzle quest: SAP Crossword Challenge
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Greetings, ShiftSyncers! Are you prepared to engage your cognitive power and solve a puzzle? It's time to put your skills to the test.

What's the Challenge?

We've crafted a crossword puzzle tailor-made for you, encompassing themes of SAP and test automation. This presents a prime opportunity to enhance your test automation lexicon and refine your problem-solving abilities and get a cerificate and win prizes

Key Dates:

  • Crossword release: March 26
  • Lasts: 2 weeks
  • Judging (for ShiftSync members): 3 days
  • Winners announced: April 15

How to Participate?

Participating in our crossword puzzle challenge is super easy. Simply submit your answers via email to shiftsync@tricentis.com and join the SAP user group, where winners will be announced (just click the link and you're in!). After sending your email, drop a message in the blog comments stating "email sent/answer submitted" to ensure no one is overlooked.

  1. Download the attached crossword below. If you have an editable version, please modify the PDF and share your answers with us via email.
  1. Solve the Puzzle: Print out the puzzle provided in this blog, grab a pen or pencil, and dive into solving. Feel free to team up with friends or family for a collaborative solving experience. Share an image of your completed puzzle with us via email.
  1. Join the SAP user group by clicking the link to know if you won,

Prizes and Recognition

We will select the top 5 winners:

  1. The first person to submit the completed puzzle receives a gift box and reward points.
  2. The following three contributors receive swag and reward points: Share your participation in the ShiftSync crossword puzzle with your network on LinkedIn and Twitter! Tag @Tricentis and utilize our dedicated hashtag #shiftsyncchallenge to engage with fellow participants and showcase your crossword-solving prowess. Please accompany this message with the crossword puzzle challenge blog link and our featured image in the blog.
  3. We randomly select one participant to receive swag.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to share your thoughts about the puzzle. We're here to ensure this experience is enjoyable and enriching for everyone.

Best of luck,


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Shoot, I have missed it as I just returned back from a PTO. I am happy to see these competitions, good luck to everyone! 

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Congratulations to @Kartheek_dasari and @Eswar-Akula for winning the SAP crossword Challenge. And a big thank you to all who participated.

The winners have been contacted to arrange the delivery of their prizes, so please check your email inbox for the details.

Thank you again and stay tuned for more challenges and feel free to check the rest of the community for articles, webinars and engaging discussions.

Thanks @Mustafa 

Looking forward to receive gift box and reward points.