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  • 8 February 2023
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Welcome to ShiftSync community! We are happy to meet you! 


In this thread, we encourage you and other members to introduce yourselves. Here you can share a little bit about yourself, your job, and things you are up to. Let us know who you are and find like-minded people you want to connect with.  

You can go completely freestyle or answer some questions below to have a secure take off.  

  • Where are you based? 
  • What is your job?  
  • What's the topic that you'd consider yourself an expert on and would love to help others with? 
  • What's your hidden talent? 
  • Why is quality important? 

Feel free to add any other interesting information about you or even a fun picture with your pet.  

32 replies

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My name is Daria and I’m in charge of ShiftSync community at Tricentis 💫

  • I lived and worked in US, Germany, Switzerland and now settled down in Vienna, Austria. But my heart still remains a traveler 🙂🎟
  • If you call me up in the middle of the night I’ll most likely be able to answer any of your questions related to performance marketing, community building and OSS communities. 
  • I believe the that future of SDLC will be shaped by quality, speed and continuous improvement. The secret path to get there is through exchanging ideas, finding unconventional solutions for common problems and keeping up with trends. And in community the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts 🪙🚀
  • I have a galaxy on interests outside of work. But mostly I enjoy reading, modern art exhibitions, podcasts (check out Stuff You Should Know to learn about ketchup, frozen waterfall climbing, japanese gardens and everything else in the world, I promise you wont regret).

            Also, I like everything related to aviation 🛫 and llamas 🦙

I’m really happy to welcome You in this community and excited to see you learn, exchange ideas and grow professionally.

You can always reach me via e-mail, our contact form or via LinkedIn


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So I'll get started! 🚀If you don't know me yet, I'm Kat. In this super cool community, I'm the community manager and your first contact if you have any problems or just want to talk about life. 😉

  • I have been living in Vienna for 7 years now, but I am from Ukraine, Odessa, which is located on a Black Sea. So the sea, sun and beaches are my things.🏖️
  • I consider myself an expert in the fields of community, marketing and influencer management. If you have any cool ideas on how we can improve this community or any suggestions for engagement programs, don't hesitate to message me. Let's make this space awesome together. 🤠
  • My hidden talent...hmmm...I don't usually hide my talents.😂 I think my greatest strength is communication and empathy. 
  • Why is quality important?➡️ Because the today's world moves at a very fast pace and we are expected to keep up with it. However, there is often no time for quality assurance and the end result often suffers because of it.

P.S. Folks, don’t be strangers. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.Kateryna Gandzeichuk | LinkedIn!


Meet my sweet dog. His name is Yosik and we both love cakes 🍰



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I go Next!

  • I am Vipin and live in Jaipur, India all my life. The summers are horrible > 45 C so I love hill stations, and cold places
  • I am a seasoned QA coach, mentor, and professional and work for Metacube Software Ltd for last 19 years, overall exp. is 25 years now.
  • I love to talk about life, mind health, strategies, Learnings and philosophy.
  • I love travelling, and meeting people. As an International speaker, I spoke all across Europe 29 times since 2012. Seen beautiful cities of Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Belgrade, Poznan, Gdansk, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Berlin and Potsdam, London and Cambridge and The Hague all from my speaking assignments.
  • I developed into a blogger 1.5 years ago and then into community contributor, where I met Kat and here I am.
  • In family I have 2 kids, daughter aged 22 doing Fashion Communication and Son aged 20, doing Bachelors in Maths/Economics in Berlin. My wife is a PhD professor computer science
  • I live with my mom as Indian traditions and love her so much!

My Linkedin is Vipin Jain 


To Earn, you have to Learn, and to Learn, you have to Burn - Vipin

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Hi 👋🏻, my name is Daniel Knott and I am based in Hamburg/ Germany. Maybe some of you have seen me already somewhere on testing conferences, since I love to talk about software testing. I am working in the field of software testing for almost 15 years now. 

Currently, I am working as Head of Product Quality Engineering at MaibornWolff GmbH. In my spare time, I still can’t get enough from software testing 🥶. Since 2011, I am the author of the blog

The topic I am considering myself as an “expert” is mobile testing. In 2015, I published the book Hands-On Mobile App Testing. Since 2022, I have my own software testing YouTube channel. So as you can see, I love to share my knowledge with testing communities. That’s why I am really happy to be part of this one here, too.

My hidden talent 🤔 is, maybe, that I am really engaged with topics that I love. If I am hooked to a topic, I want to learn EVERYTHING about it 😊. But not sure if this is a talent 😅. If I am not working, writing blogs or creating videos, I love to spend my time with my family and travel as much as we can. I am also a big fan of running and cycling. Doing sports is really important for me to calm down and to relax my mind.

Me while running

Let me know if you have any other questions. In case you want to connect, take a look at my profile or send me a message.


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Hi everyone! 😀✋ I’m Alex, a British guy who’s been living in Helsinki, Finland for the past 15 years.

  • Working as a test automation architect for Nordea bank
  • I’ve a background in many IT areas - mostly as a developer, but also stints in network admin, database admin & business intelligence and of course, testing too
  • I love to help people so any of those topics or more in IT I could likely/hopefully give help on
  • To say I’m a passionate cook is an understatement… definitely one hidden talent is being in the kitchen playing with food! 
  • I also love playing all sports, partying, cinema, pub culture (with darts, pool etc.), restaurants, church… & life in general. There’s not too much I dislike or wouldn’t try out
  • Why is quality important: to prevent crappy product decisions, scope, priority etc. as Microsoft put out, or released products which are unstable & crash as EA + most other AAA computer game makers put out nowadays.
  • I love hamsters but don’t currently have a pet (would love a piglet & goat as those are hilarious but am not allowed those in the apartment!)… but here’s a turtle picture if that still counts...


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Hey all, I’m Bas! I’m seeing some familiar names on here already, but here goes anyway!

  • I live in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, with my wife and two sons (and a range of small pets)
  • I work as an independent test automation trainer and consultant, which means that I work with individuals, teams and companies to help them improve their automation efforts.
  • My main area of interest is automation, and more specifically anything around either API testing and automation, or around code craftsmanship in test automation. Talk to me whenever you want to talk about API testing, mocking, contract testing or programming principles and patterns.
  • If I’d let you know what my hidden talent was, it wouldn’t really be hidden anymore, would it? Anyways, I’m a fan of most of the things from the 90’s and Italian language, music and of course the food.

Speak soon!

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Hi all, I’m Mirza, I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • I’m a (now a casual one) RPG gamer, who loves classics like Fallout 1 & 2, Planscape Torment, Arcanum, Icewind Dale(s), Baldur Gate(s), etc.
  • I live sci fi and fantasy and I can quote pretty much everything from the original Star Wars movies and communicate fluently in prequel memes. I don’t like the last three movies at all but I do like most of the new Disney’s series and cartoons
  • I work as a tester in fintech, on a project that uses BDD - properly to my delight 
  • Right now my main professional interest are test management and quality coaching and mobile testing
  • I like being active in the community, writing blogs, doing occasional conference or meetup talks, I run a small local testing meetup and do a bit of pro-bono mentoring when I got time
  • My favorite music genres are old school hip hop and classical heavy metal
  • In my free time I like to goof around with my son, take long walks and listen to software quality-focused podcasts like, the AB Testing podcast, for example


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  • Hello everyone I am Ioan and depending in the time I either live in Germany or in Romania.
  • Currently I am Lead QA/Senior QA at a really nice company in Munich called Blu Beyond where I have been working for the past 8 years now.
  • It is hard to say what I am an expert at, but if I had to choose a topic I would go with API testing ( mostly Rest, but trying to get better as MirzaSisic at GraphQL)
  • My hidden talent could be poetry and story telling. While I still did not try to write bugs in the form of a poem but there is still time :)
  • If you want to connect to me just drop a request on Linkedin (
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Hello everyone. I’m Alan Page, and I’m the VP of Engineering Experience at NBCUniversal. I recently left a similar role at Unity Technologies, and before that, I spent a few decades at Microsoft.

I do some writing, including some posts at TestProject, as well as on my weekly leadership blog, and my weekly knowledge sharing blog, and some other places as well.

I live in the pacific northwest, about 10 miles east of Seattle where I battle the dreariness by doing as much hiking and biking and skiing as I can.

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Hi Everyone 👋🏽 I’m Rex Jones II. I live in Dallas, Tx. Here’s some info about me

  • Sr. Automation Engineer
  • Passion for testing applications
  • Like to automate web applications
  • Enjoy sharing knowledge via books, blogs, and video
  • For quality time, I hang out with my wife, daughter, and son

You can find me on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub


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Hey everyone! 👋


I'm excited to be part of this fantastic community! My name is Yashodhan Singh, but most people call me Yash. I'm a full-stack developer hailing from the beautiful Himachal Pradesh in India. Thanks to remote work opportunities, I get to enjoy the calm and peaceful environment of my village, staying close to nature while building amazing software. 🌄


Throughout my career, I've led teams as a lead engineer and worked as a frontend architect, where I was responsible for everything about frontend solutions, from design systems to testing and deployment pipelines. 🌟


Recently, I've taken a break to focus on myself and am currently working as a developer in a new team, enjoying this relaxing period before diving into new challenges. 🏄‍♂️


In my free time, I enjoy beatboxing and have even dabbled in playing the guitar in the past. 🎶 It's always great to have a creative outlet!

Quality is of utmost importance to me because I'm passionate about making a real impact with my work. I believe in delivering top-notch solutions that not only meet the needs of end-users but also stand the test of time. It's all about creating meaningful, lasting experiences. 💪


I'm eager to connect with like-minded people and share ideas, so don't hesitate to reach out if you want to chat! Let's work together to create exceptional community and learn from each other's experiences. 🌟


Cheers! 🎉



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I will go Next!

Myself Sri Priya P Kulkarni and live in Bangalore(Garden City), India. 

I love to talk about Software Engineering , I love travelling and I love to watch cricket.🌱 I’m currently learning Advanced Automation Testing concepts. 📝 I write articles at 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on open source projects and new job opportunities. 💬 Ask me about Software Testing. 📫 How to reach me: 😄 Pronouns: Learn something new everyday...!!!! ⚡ Fun fact: I love CHAI☕.



Happy Testing!!!!



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I am Harit Patel, the product guy, as some of my family calls me.

Excited to join this community, and looking to learn and share testing tidbits through our journey at ShiftSync.

You can find me on LinkedIn and ShiftSync!

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Hello everyone!


So excited to be part of this fantastic community! 🤓

  • I am Gunesh Patil, I am from Pune but currently settled in Bangalore
  • Lead the team of SDETs at a CX start-up here in Bangalore. It’s been an amazing year with this organization. I completely enjoy what I do!
  • Being a Punekar, finding flaws in things kinda runs through my veins so process improvements, getting efficient, challenging norms is something that I am good at. I love to look at the systems and look for more efficient ways of doing same things.
  • I have (or had, now that it’s out in open) a hidden talent of a good podcast voice and skill of interviewing people which was recently uncovered when I launched ‘Liberated Tester’ Podcast. I am very blessed to host lot of good people from the community
  • I am devour movies 😁 big fan of Marvel movies or anything animated (except those new cartoons with edgy characters), fiction novels and OCD when it comes to designing something.
  • In my opinion, Quality is really really important to save everyone’s time! better we imbibe quality more time we shall have to do awesome things!

    You can find me on LinkedIn and find the podcast here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Web



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Hi Everyone, 


Looking forward to learn from Community and give back the learning to community.


  • I'm from Pune, India.
  • Working as Fullstack Quality Engineer, Leader, People Manager and Test Architect.
  • Expertise : Well I would not say expert but rather experianced in API Testing, Lean Testing strategies and Testing it self. :-)
  • Hidden Talent: I can connect the dots. ;-)
  • Quality: IMHO Quality is important because it provides you confidence about product and assurance that you are investing your time/effort at right place because someone else made sure that it's worth it.
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Hi Everyone 👋🏽 I’m Sanjay Kumar. I live in Bengaluru, India. Here’s some info about me:

  • Founder & Creator of SelectorsHub, Testing Daily, TestCase Studio, TestCaseHub, AutoTestData and ChroPath
  • I am passionate about solving the Tester’s day to day problems by creating tools and solution.
  • Please find all my creations and free tools for community here-

You can find me on LinkedIN, Twitter and Youtube.

Looking forward to learn from Community and give back the learning to community. 




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Ciao everyone,


My name is Tommaso and I’m from Bitonto, Bari, Apulia, South of Italy.

I’m currently Technical Test Manager /& Architect and Lead of Quality Competence Center for Lutech.

I love sea, music, cinema and running (4:35 / km is my PB ).

There is no Goodness without Quality.


See ya,


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Hello everyone, I’m Mario Fröhlich from Osijek, Croatia. Here are some facts about me:

  • I’ve been working as a software tester for the past 5 years
  • I have a degrees in agriculture and teaching and have only ‘recently’ moved to software testing 
  • I like to work on large and complex systems - I prefer fintech industry and SalesForce
  • I started ‘playing’ videogames at the age of 3 and am avid gamer to this day
  • In my free time i like to hang out with my son, read books, cycle, play board games and drink beer
  • When working i listen to psytrance and the music from 50’s
  • I should work-out more, but I’m to lazy to start xD


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Hello everyone! This is Dr. Prasanta Kundu from Pune, India. Here is the brief about me.

  • - I came from IT industry with more 2 decades of enriching experience in Business Process Management, Data Analytics, Product development and testing.
  • - In last 3 years, I have been practicing Data Science and AI delivering solutions to my clients across the globe.
  • - Recently I started exploring web automation testing while working on a new client's project wherein we want to apply AI and ChatGPT to develop ML application.
  • - I keep exploring cutting edge technologies like AI/ML/Big Data, Cloud, NFT, Blockchain etc. and developing prototypes as part of upskilling.
  • - I am sports enthusiastic and I have a habit of reading books and news articles and listening to music in leisure hours.
  • - I love traveling with my family comprising of wife and a daughter who is perusing engineering.
  • - I can be reached at all social media platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Let's connect and share knowledge in ever changing business and technology landscape.

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Hey everyone!


I’m Hung from Brno (Czech Republic) and I used to be a software developer. Now, I am leveraging these past experience as a cybersecurity engineer helping to protect the world. :) I have decided to stay in both the software and security by taking an interest in application security (testing) and DevSecOps and I am happy to connect with like-minded people!


In my free time, I enjoy playing videogames, reading, spending time with my amazing cat Cookie (that’s her on the picture below) and writing blog posts (it got me interested in DevRel as well).


If you want to connect, you can reach out to me via LinkedIn



Welcome to ShiftSync community! We are happy to meet you! 


In this thread, we encourage you and other members to introduce yourselves. Here you can share a little bit about yourself, your job, and things you are up to. Let us know who you are and find like-minded people you want to connect with.  

You can go completely freestyle or answer some questions below to have a secure take off.  

  • Where are you based? 
  • What is your job?  
  • What's the topic that you'd consider yourself an expert on and would love to help others with? 
  • What's your hidden talent? 
  • Why is quality important? 

Feel free to add any other interesting information about you or even a fun picture with your pet.  

Hello, I am Daniela.


I am based in Romania and am currently employed as a debt collector in an Italian company. My responsibilities include managing and resolving financial obligations with clients in the Italian language. With a solid background in manual testing, I am confident in my ability to efficiently identify bugs, errors, and inconsistencies in software applications. I am passionate about helping others enhance their testing processes.


However, I have encountered challenges in converting my skills into job opportunities due to being considered a beginner. Despite my limited experience, I occasionally work as a freelancer on the uTest platform. To further bolster my credentials, I am currently considering studying for the ISTQB certification and taking the exam, which I believe could facilitate finding a job.


Beyond my technical skills, I possess a natural talent for detecting bugs and a knack for creative problem-solving. 


Quality is of paramount importance in all aspects of life, particularly in software development and testing. High-quality software guarantees a positive user experience, minimizes disruptions, and boosts customer satisfaction. Moreover, a focus on quality leads to efficient resource utilization by reducing the need for constant fixes and updates.


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Hey Everyone!

I am Rahul Parwal. I hail from Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

I am a student of software testing and love to engage with other testers globally.

I am here to learn from the awesome members of shiftsync community and I am happy to be here.

Software Testing is something that I am passionate about and I frequently post stuff on it here: Home - Rahul's Testing Titbits

We can also connect on LinkedIn here:


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Welcome to ShiftSync community! We are happy to meet you! 


In this thread, we encourage you and other members to introduce yourselves. Here you can share a little bit about yourself, your job, and things you are up to. Let us know who you are and find like-minded people you want to connect with.  

You can go completely freestyle or answer some questions below to have a secure take off.  

  • Where are you based? 
  • What is your job?  
  • What's the topic that you'd consider yourself an expert on and would love to help others with? 
  • What's your hidden talent? 
  • Why is quality important? 

Feel free to add any other interesting information about you or even a fun picture with your pet.  

My name is Fidelis and I'm based in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • I work as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer.
  • The topic I consider myself an expert on is Writing clean, high-quality code.
  • My hidden talent is that I have a wide variety of interests outside of work - I enjoy reading, going to modern art exhibitions, and listening to podcasts like Stuff You Should Know. 
  • Quality is so important because it ensures products and services reliably meet customers' needs. With quality, customers know they're getting good value for their time and money. For businesses, higher quality means fewer defects which reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction. Overall, quality leads to better experiences and a smoothly functioning society. I think focusing on quality helps create positive outcomes for both businesses and customers.

Connect and network with me on Linkedin

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Welcome @Daniela23 

Hello everyone,
I’m Chinedu from lagos, Nigeria.
I work as a software quality assurance engineer.
Not that I’m an expert in performance test and tuning but I will always love to engage in conversations about software performance.
I  love breaking and fixing things particularly around software applications and electricals.

Having been in situations where low or lack of quality in process and product impacted people negatively and resulted in revenue loss of organizations. It can be said that quality in process and product including software application establishes reliability and trust from users and also increases revenue by reducing cost of rework and the list goes on.