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  • 8 February 2023
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We as a community strive to create a welcoming and healthy environment for everyone, regardless of race, age, and gender identity. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space where every user feels safe and respected. That’s why we kindly ask you to follow our code of conduct, which provides a clear set of guidelines for behavior.  

The following code of conduct is applied to all community properties. 

Be respectful, supportive, and relevant 

We don’t have a lot of rules and regulations, but we do ask for three things:  

Be Respectful 

Please respect other members’ opinions, visions, and experiences. We all believe in different things and we all should respect that.

Be Supportive  

Please offer help if you see that someone is struggling or needs assistance. Share your knowledge and help where you can.

Be Relevant  

Please post and share only relevant content. 

Unacceptable Behavior  

Threats of Violence  

Threats of violence as well as personal attacks are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in this community.  

Harmful Language and Harassment 

Don’t use inappropriate language or engage in behavior that is considered unprofessional, sexual, or unwelcome in the community. Public or private harassment will lead to banishment.  

Channel Spamming  

We do not tolerate spamming. Please always stay relevant.  

No Self, Business or Product Promotion 

We built a community to provide value, not to serve as an advertising platform. Please do not engage in aggressive self-promotion and do not message users to directly offer your services and products.  

No Politics 

Comments and discussions about politics may jeopardize the inclusive atmosphere in the community and lead to confrontations. Please do not engage in political discussions.  

Reporting Guidelines 

We encourage our members to notify us if they spot any violations of this Code of Conduct. If you’ve observed unacceptable behavior, please email Our code of conduct committee will investigate all reports and respond in the way we consider appropriate.  

All reports are kept confidential.  

Enforcement Plan 

The Code of Conduct committee investigates any alleged violations and determines the consequences. The committee will always strive for consensus. The committee will inform the requester about the proposed solution. 


  • Correction 

A private warning from the community team. A public apology may be requested.  

  • Written warning 

Violators will get a written warning with consequences for continued behavior. Additional violations may lead to a temporary ban.  

  • Temporary Ban 

For serious violation of our Code of Conduct, the community team can temporarily ban the user from interacting with and within the community for a specific period of time.    

  • Permanent Ban  

Users who show a pattern of serious violations will be banned from the community forever. 


Reconsideration Request 

If you don't agree with the committee's decision, you are allowed to send a request for reconsideration. To make this request, please contact  

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