Question for the webinar "Unleashing the Power of AI in Software Testing"

  • 20 March 2024
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Hi ShiftSync Community,

I have one question related to the webinar for you:

  • Name 3 AI features that software testers can already use today.

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Here are three AI features that software testers can already utilize today:


  1. To generate the Test Script
  2. Helping in Making the Test data
  3. AI-powered testing tools can automatically update and maintain test scripts when changes are made to the application under test.e.g Change in UI , Change in locators
  4. Generate the Manual test case generation:

1- Automated Test Case Generation.
2- Defect Prediction.
3- Visual Testing and Validation.


Generate test cases

Generate test script

Compare visuals

These are some of the AI use cases which I have had hands on: 
1. Self-Healing AI as part of Vision AI
2. Test case/Test scenario generation from requirement documents.
3. Test plan estimation and automation savings
4. Started utilizing the TestCraft Browser extension for generating test ideas, accessibility testing and even generating some test code based on the element type. 

I'm maintaining the prompt base for all these and updating it based on the results. And I can see we need to even test the results of it - Won't trust the AI blindly :)