Wed, 20 Mar, 15:00 - 16:00

Unleashing the Power of AI in Software Testing. Webinar by Daniel Knott

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Since 2023, AI has dominated discussions, with new products and services emerging daily. Promising to simplify, expedite, and enhance productivity, these offerings extend into the realm of software testing. The software testing industry is flooded with tools and services boasting cutting-edge AI features.

But do these AI features truly optimize software testing? Can they empower testers to operate more efficiently and swiftly? These questions form the crux of our exploration. In this presentation, I'll present an in-depth overview of the current AI features designed for software testers. Together, we'll discern which features hold value and which are mere marketing embellishments, separating substance from superficial allure. Let's delve into the reality of AI's impact on software testing efficacy and efficiency.

Join us for an engaging exploration of how AI is reshaping the future of software testing, offering organizations the opportunity to enhance the quality and reliability of their software products.

Key takeaways:

  • What AI is all about?
  • How can testers benefit from AI?
  • Where does AI harm software testers?
  • What are the latest AI features that boost software testers productivity?
  • Get your questions answered

About Daniel:

@danielknott loves digital products with high quality being it web or native mobile applications. Currently, he is working as Head of Product Quality Engineering at MaibornWolff in Germany, where he shapes the future of testing for his clients. At the same time, Daniel is diving into the world of AI to see how software testers can benefit from it.

In the past 15 years, he worked as Lead Software Test Engineer for different native mobile apps and products.

Daniel wrote two books - Hands-On Mobile App Testing and Smartwatch App Testing and is a frequent blogger at www.adventuresinqa.com and conference speaker. Since 2022 he also created his YouTube Channel about Software Testing.

Get in touch with him via

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Wed, 20 Mar, 15:00 - 16:00 (UTC)