Tue, 30 Apr, 14:00 - 15:00

[Early Access] Codeless automation and model-based testing in SAP environment

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This webinar delves into the realm of model-based SAP Automation using Tricentis Tosca, offering a comprehensive exploration of its functionalities and advantages. Participants will gain insights into the principles of model-based SAP automation and how it surpasses script-based approaches. The webinar covers practical aspects such as creating modules to store technical information of SAP applications, utilizing standard SAP modules, and generating test cases from these modules. Attendees will also learn to execute test cases in the Scratch Book (SAP GUI), harnessing the power of TestCaseDesign to ensure comprehensive coverage with various test data combinations. The session elucidates the usage of TestCaseTemplates, organizing test cases in ExecutionLists, and managing requirements while linking them to test cases and execution lists. Furthermore, the webinar showcases a risk-based testing approach using the requirements section and demonstrates the seamless execution of automated test cases in both SAP GUI and the web application SAP Fiori.

About Ravi: 

Ravikanth Edamakanti bring years of experience in software testing and automation, with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in SAP environments. He has successfully implemented model-based automation strategies across various industries, optimizing testing processes and enhancing product quality. Through this webinar, Ravi will share his expertise and empower attendees with practical knowledge to leverage Tricentis Tosca for efficient SAP automation.

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LinkedIn: Ravikanth Reddy | LinkedIn

YouTube: Tech Videos by Ravi @ FicusRoot - (

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Tue, 30 Apr, 14:00 - 15:00 (UTC)