Do you really do Agile?

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Are you really using Agile in your Projects? A lot of projects/teams claim to work in an Agile ways. They use methodologies and ceremonies that are tipically associated with Agile and with Scrum. However in reality it is actually a Sprint based Waterfall.


Share your experience. What do you use.

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Over the years, I have not experienced any team that has even 100% agile, everyone is doing some flavor of their own agile framework. When it comes to Scrum, it’s great for one team, but when we get to multiple teams for a product, we end up being Scrubam.

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Agile is perhaps the only dish in world which comes in all flavors and tastes. :)

Each team can modify it, fine tune it and configure it as per their needs. There can be waterfall Agile, Agile Waterfall, Waterfall in Agile or Agile in Waterfall. All it takes is how you perceive it, what you want to achieve from it and then modify it.  

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I am not an Agilist. Instead I try to be agile.

Ever since a founding Agilist told me that Agile is not necessarily agile, I lost interest in Agile. Agile is a somewhat authoritarian community, it seems to me.

Having said that, everyone works in a place that claims to be Agile, these days. That seems to mean they use either the tropes of Scrum or the tropes of KanBan when they speak about their projects.