DevOps Challenge Day 10⚙️: DevOps Culture and Collaboration

  • 15 October 2023
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Task: Reflect on your DevOps journey over the past 9 days and identify areas for improvement in terms of collaboration and culture. Share your story here. 


The winners will be announced tomorrow. Make sure you have completed all the tasks. 

3 replies

I came to know about the following pointers about DevOps while exploring and researching for the 9 days of this insightful challenge:

  • Everyone should learn (or atleast make an effort) DevOps, because it is an emerging and trending technological approach towards software development and delivery.
  • It is about collaboration and an intuitive approach to deploy and deliver quality software.
  • It requires a know-how of different tools and techniques required for delivery of software solutions.
  • It amalgamates development, operations, quality assurance, maintenance and security into one tightly-knit package.
  • It seems kinda confusing a bit, but I’m somewhat starting to get to know it a little better than I did before I even started learning.

And, we’ve just barely scratched the surface.

Looking forward to learn more of DevOps and share the knowledge with my colleagues at work and fellow members here at Shiftsync.

Thank you for this great learning opportunity.

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It was a good challenge and even though I haven't done all the tasks, I still had a blast while researching various topics. Even got some of my co-workers to discuss various DevOps topics. We have even come up with an idea to dedicate a Friday's break after lunch to discuss various new DevOps topics. It would be great to push this company-wide in the future. :)

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As a senior QA, these past nine days have been quite a journey,
I've witnessed the changes, the shifts in our culture and flow,
And here are my reflections, areas where we can grow.

Collaboration, the lifeblood of our DevOps quest,
But sometimes, it's clear, we're not performing our best.
Communication's a key, we must all be aware,
To make our projects smoother, we must be willing to share.

Cross-functional teams, they're the heart of the game,
But sometimes it feels like we're not all on the same page.
To improve our collaboration, we need to break down the walls,
Share knowledge and insights, so productivity never stalls.

In terms of culture, respect and trust should prevail,
But sometimes, it feels like our efforts might fail.
We must foster an environment where feedback is embraced,
And where learning from failure is truly not a disgrace.

To improve our DevOps journey, collaboration's the key,
Open lines of communication, ensure transparency.
Our culture should be one of continuous growth and learning,
Where trust, respect, and teamwork are always discerning.