ShiftSync Video📺: An Overview of Testing in SAP for Optimal Quality Assurance

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In this video @TimothyGirouard is pinpointing the most critical tests amidst a vast array of transactions is paramount for ensuring robust quality assurance. This presentation delves into the strategic approach of identifying and prioritizing tests to streamline the testing process and enhance the efficacy of releases to QA and production environments.

Key Points:

  1. Test Identification and Prioritization: Understanding the pivotal role of test IDs in targeting high-impact tests essential for comprehensive testing coverage.

  2. Ranking and Selection Criteria: Exploring the criteria for ranking tests to discern the most business-relevant and impactful tests, ensuring focused testing efforts.

  3. Test Asset Management: Addressing the challenge of test asset proliferation by evaluating the relevance of existing tests and facilitating the curation of a streamlined and effective test repository.

  4. Filling the Gaps: Recognizing and addressing gaps in test coverage through proactive engagement with user communities and strategic scenario recording.

  5. Impact Analysis Essentials: Delving into the crucial aspects of impact analysis, encompassing changing objects, data keys, container management, and quality assessment to mitigate risks associated with change implementations.

You can access the complete recording of this session by following this link. (To watch the recording, you have to be registered in the SAP user group. Click to join.)

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