Where did all the qTest Discussions in the previous Forum go?

  • 8 December 2023
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What happened to the previous forum discussions?  I cannot find them here? Are going to be migrated?  I would like to go and see the ones I saved to see if there is new responses for those questions I followed.  I can only find one place (community) to ask the questions. Is that how it is now? so for instance, if I need to review or search for new discussion regarding qTest, there is no specific sub-community for that? 

3 replies

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Hi @sheyenne , all the resolved questions from Support Hub were already transferred to ShiftSync 😊

If the question you were keeping an eye on was answered, you will find it here in ShiftSync via Search → filter by qTest tag in Category: “Product Forums”. 

Feel free to drop a PM if you need help with anything specific



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thanks .. as I was checking out the site last week, I noticed that articles were “transferred” to the new platform and are posted by the Community Manager.  I am guessing that if we had subscribed to specific posts/discussions previously, that link is lost now, right?

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You are correct, we transferred the whole relevant content; however, the entire thread is not mirrored as not every participant has registered on ShiftSync yet. The best way to proceed is to subscribe to corresponding threads here