Verify whether a specific value exists in a table


Is there a way I can verify whether a specific value in a table exists? I want to check for the non-existence of a certain value in a table. I am basically looking for what is described here:

But this functionality seems to no longer exists in the newer versions? I am using Version 23.20


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You’ve found the documentation for the Classic Engine, which is older functionality that is no longer available in Tosca. You’ll need to look at the manual for the version you’re using (2023.2) or look at the Engines 3.0 section of the manual (above the Classic Engine section you found):

Table (

There is a manual page with a number of table steering examples, but it doesn’t seem to include your specific one.
To verify if a specific row exists, you’d need to use the action mode Verify on the <Row>, with values .Exists==True (or False to verify it does not exist), in conjunction with a Constraint on the cell(s) with the values you want to check for.


Thanks, that helped.