Unable to proceed with SAP Logon module

  • 2 October 2023
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I am using the SAP Logon module , I have added the path in "SapLogonPath" and system name in "SapConnection".

On executing the test the scrapbook the logon pad opens but then I get below exception in scrapbook: 

"Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {62341062-29BC-4DCE-A87A-DC0CB19BF230} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))."


Also am using the below version of SAP Logon.image

Can you please help me on how to proceed on this?

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This exception occurs when there are missing components in the SAP GUI application. Please uninstall the SAP Logon & reinstall it. This should automatically resolve the issue. 

I’m facing the same issue and I’ve re-installed the SAP application multiple times but Tosca XScan crashes everytime I try to scan a SAP GUI application. Can you please provide any resolution?.

SAP GUI version - 8

Tosca version - 16