[Testim] Local CLI is not working

  • 22 September 2023
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I am trying to use the Local CLI from Testim to run tests on local environment. When I try to run the CMD, getting error as : Unexpected Token =

Screenshot -


CLI code generated -


What could be the issue?

5 replies



Did you paste the generated command in your terminal? seems like some other code was run in the terminal, and not the CLI command generated.

Please be sure to have Node.js installed on your machine, and run the generated command in the terminal.

You can read more about how to use testim CLI properly, as well as all available flags for you to specify what to run via the command, here:


Hello Matan,

Yes, I used LOCAL CLI command to run from CMD. Check the screenshot below - 


After executing it, getting error mentioned in my previous post.

I am using node version v10.15.0 for your information.


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From the 1st screenshot, a *.js file is called and the error message presented is that there’s a problem running that script. 


To isolate the issue down to TestIM running dos, try running a basic DOS command or batch file. I.e. HOSTNAME.


Hello Alex,

I have tried hostname from CMD, and following is the result -


It is working fine.

But when I try to run the CLI I am getting error. 


And one more point, I am using Free version of the testim. Could that be the issue?