Required document/process for creation of modules using TC API

  • 29 February 2024
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Hi Team,

As in the Tosca Commander Manuals, there is option to generate test cases using TC API. Similar do we have manual for creating the modules using TC API?

If yes, Kindly help me with document or the steps.

Thanks in advance.

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2 replies

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Hi Silky,

I don’t think you’ll find any specific documentation for this. You’d need to use the examples (for test case etc) as a guideline for the general approach, and the TCAPI Assembly and TCAPI Object Assembly references to see what objects are available for modules and what you can do with them.

As you will see from the test case example, in general when working with the Tosca APIs you will be doing basically the same things to manipulate objects that you would via Tosca Commander user interface. So you could start by mapping out what actions you’d need to take to create a module manually, and then work through reproducing them one by one via code instead.

I’m curious though, what problem are you trying to solve that requires creating modules via TC API?

Hi Brendon,

I appreciate your quick reply!

I'm currently exploring different options for generating automatic modules and subsequently creating test cases using those modules. Therefore, I'm in need of supporting documents to grasp the fundamental concepts, such as the requirements/pre-requisite for automating module generation through various approaches.

Do you happen to know if there are alternative methods for generating modules?

Thanks and regards,