Regex question for Tosca Module Attributes

  • 13 December 2023
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I have seen a few other questions similar to this, but not quite the same.


Say I have a Module and a Module Attribute that I want to work for 2 different objects on the page. One has a Title of “Product A” and the other is “Product B”.

If I set the Title value to this:

{REGEX["^(Product A|Product B)$"]}

it works fine. However if I try to extract the common text to put it before REGEX like this:

Product {REGEX["^(A|B)$"]}

then it fails stating “Invalid combination of values.”. Any suggestions on how to get the common text out of the REGEX? I tried with double quotes around “Product” as well but it gave the same error.

3 replies

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I think if you use REGEX then the entire value has to be in the REGEX - you can’t combine it with other values.
So for your example, something like {REGEX[“^Product (A|B)$”]} should work fine.

That’s assuming you need the value to be that precise, rather than going for a simpler value withiout the REGEX, like Product *.

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another way that should be fine too

{REGEX["^Product [AB]$"]}


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and you can also quickly setup a small test to verify REGEX expressions