No Mail found, when using simple receive mail module, TOSCA version 16.0

  • 29 November 2023
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We have a simple test case where we are trying to verify an email received in outlook.

We have established a connection using the ‘Connect to the Exchange server’ and then when using the Receive mail simple module, we get either a ‘no mail found’ or POP3 connection got disconnected error.

We were asked by our org to not use POP3 as it has been disabled by Microsoft in 2022 and its not really secure, and they are only letting us integrate TOSCA with Outlook (they did religiously follow this KB -


So is there a way to not use POP3 or IMAP but use the exchange server connection and still manage to verify a received email in an inbox?

Thank you all for your help!, greatly appreciated.

1 reply


Found the answer to our question :)

We are using Tosca 16.0 patch 2, and the answer was to simply remove the ‘to’ field and it worked like a charm!! :)