Need to create properties for inserting the same random 5 digit numeric values into 2 response tags

  • 14 December 2023
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Hi team

I am in the middle of virtualizing a rest service using TOSCA OSV.


For this :

I recorded the transactions in OSV and imported them to Tosca commander. 

I created a corresponding test case for it in TOSCA commander. 

I need to create a random 5 digit number and insert it to two response tags.I tried creating a test configuration parameter {Goal_id) which will create a random 5 digit numeric value using the format {RND[5]}. Pulled this into the response tags like {CP[Goal_id]}.


But this did not work when deployed to OSV as OSV gave an error in logs saying... "Ërror when creating outbound message:Command ÇP’not found".


Could you please let me know how to achieve this?



Thanks and Regards

Reshmi Ramanathan


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