Learn dynamic values in Neoload

  • 7 February 2024
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I’m pretty pretty new to Neoload.

I’ve seen the academia videos, but due to the site has changed, I couldn’t do some activities (like fixing dynamic values, using parameters).


What can I do to learn about that? Is there any other “oficial” demo site to learn??

6 replies

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Hello, you may find some videos on youtube like this one:


The official documentation also has some tutorials like this one here



I’ve watched those videos, but the demo site changed, so some examples are not replicable anymore, and that’s why I asked about more recent videos/courses to do those exercises (whenever I watch a tutorial, I try to replicate the steps to learn the scenarios, so I want to be able to replicate those examples for correlate dynamic values, etc).

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It was Jpetstore used in this old videos. If you google it you’ll find some online jpetstore available that you can use to learn a bit on NeoLoad.

I do not have any other example applications that you can use to learn dynamic values. Maybe you should try with your internal applications if it makes sense.


Already found a document to install the jpetstore locally (Demo_Application_Setup), but I think it would be easier to use any other page available, right?

Apologize for all this questions, I’m really really newbie to this and feel confused and dumb because there are a lot of stuff that I haven’t understand even after watching videos, so I really appreciate your help and guidance

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If you can use a local Jpetstore it’s the same as having an online one. But Jpetstore is very simple so yes if you could try on a more “real” application it would be great. However since you are beginner Jpetstore should be fine until you understand how a load testing works with NeoLoad. For my opinion it’s enough even to understand the concept of dynamic values or more generally the concept of extraction of data from server responses.