Jenkins Tosca execution result mail

  • 7 November 2023
  • 3 replies

Has anyone setup Jenkins integration with Tosca and able to send execution results or attach report as mail to stakeholders.

3 replies

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@Shabareesh Padma @alex_read @Abhijeet Yadav is it something you could help with? 


Hello @mgkganesh ,

If you're aiming to incorporate your test scripts into your CICD pipeline, Tosca offers seamless integration with a variety of tools. Specifically for Jenkins, I recommend referring to the Knowledge Base Article in our Support Hub, which provides detailed guidance on setting up your pipeline.

[Tosca-Jenkins Integration]

Regarding your second inquiry about reporting build status via emails, once your executions are initiated and completed on your agents, they generate a result file for Jenkins. To enable email notifications, I suggest configuring a post-build action in your Pipeline setup. Additionally, ensure your SMTP Server is configured in Jenkins Settings (<Manage Jenkins->Configure System>) for proper email functionality.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Kindly,

Set up the execution using Tosca execution 

Client once the execution is finished kindly 

Configure using rest API to download the

Execution report in network path and sent the 



Harish N