How to use Environment variables in settings?

  • 30 November 2023
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According to Managing settings documentation you can use for example @{Environment.AllUsersAppData} to access environment variables. But this seem to be not universally applicable as I get the following.

The abstract setting could not be found by the given path!Environment.COMPUTERNAME(SettingsDllException in File "C:\a\1\s\Settings\TOSCASettingsCPP\TreeNode\RootCategory.cpp" and linenmbr: 61 Class:"findAbstrSettingByPath)
Nach Abschluss der Ausführung 125 ms gewartet

Could it be that the feature doesn’t support all environment variables? Which would be quite disappointing. 

1 reply

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The answer is: You don’t. Only a few selected environment variables are available in the settings. Which is rather disappointing. Especially the computer name would be very helpful if you use DEX Agents to to do the testing.