How to share project to teammate after creating multiuser repository?

  • 8 November 2023
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Hello Team,


I have created a Multiuser repository in Tosca, created modules and converted them into testcases. Now I got a new teammate into the team and created a User for them. Now, how to share my Project/common repository to the new User? I am new to Tosca.

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2 replies

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based on the question and requirements i am afraid the current TOSCA setup is not capable for multiusers environment.

if i am wrong, the easy way is the teammate creates a repository and connects to MS SQL repository.  That's all.

if i am correct, the procedures are listed.

. Export all modules to a TSU file and record all configuration variables.

. Create new workspace | Select type of Repository | other than SQLite (should not use local database) | use new Standard template.

. Import the TSU file and merge all duplicated modules, rebuild all configuration variables and check in all.

. The new teammate connects to the repository.

Warning: do not copy and paste your local repository and forward to the network drive, otherwise one day TOSCA may complain and lock the project without any reasons.

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Multi-user repositories need not be shared if new team members join.

new team members can create their own workspace in the system and connect to the common repository that you created. please ask your new team mate to check 'Use Existing Repository 'option while creating work Sapce.

Ref : Create work space