How to handle different titles with single module if we just know partial title name?

  • 18 October 2023
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Hi Team,

I have 2 different applications having same module attributes but different page title.

for eg Gmail1232324 and outlook123455677

But problem is, i know partial title name (ie. Gmail and Outlook), i do not know exact Title name.

how to handle title property using same module here?

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2 replies

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For a regular expression (regex), normal * will not work as a wildcard. Try (.*) instead.

Regular expressions aren't Tosca-specific so you may need to do some research on regular expression syntax and try to test it outside Tosca first. I use for this, and there are other similar sites.

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You can use regular expression to handle different titles with a single module. For your provided example you could use {REGEX["Gmail*|outlook*"]}

You will find further information here: