How to convert Graphql performance testing by using neoload

  • 26 November 2023
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How to convert Graphql performance testing by using Neoload .

I have tried to convert by Graphql to Json format by using this :

.( GraphQL to JSON Body Converter (

Still I am facing the challenges


1 reply

Hi Upendra,

We were able to get our GraphQL queries into NeoLoad by using Postman.  First we set Postman Proxy settings to point to on port 8090 (this is the port that NeoLoad listens for traffic).  Next, we started a NeoLoad Recording.  Finally, we pushed play on Postman GraphQL query.  Here is what NeoLoad recorded.  Notice how everything is all on 1 line, and for carriage returns it uses \r\n and also has \ in front of all double quotes.  

conv{"query":"query{\r\nview1(profile1:\"myUserName\",first_name:\"myFirstName\",dob:\"myDateOfBirth\"){\r\n MemberValue\r\n first_name\r\n last_name\r\n dob\r\n relationship\r\n gender\r\n center_view{\r\n        skew_value\r\n        id_code\r\n        id_value\r\n        member_year\r\n        time\r\n        month\r\n        time_value\r\n    building_code\r\n }\r\n  }\r\n }\r\n"}