Facing challenge in end-to-end connectivity between DEX Machine and TOSCA Server

  • 20 July 2023
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Hi Team,

Below Steps are followed:

1.At Event Monitor configuration is done for DEX Machine
   Please find the attached document for your reference.
2.At DEX Machine:
  a. we have provided the TOSCA server url
  b As we observed when we triggered execution from Commander
    it got triggered and failed but no logs were captured for reference.
    and we are not getting any details about the error to investigate further.
  c. Do we require Workspace setting at DEX Machine configuration, If yes Can you guide us how to do that.
3. At TOSCA Commander:
  a. Created Test event i.e. Regression QA
  b. Linked the execution list to the Event.
  c. We are not sure how to connect TOSCA Commander with DEX machine.
4. Do we required any set up at TOSCA Commander level in Project Settings?

Is there any documentation available at portal which will help us in configuration of End-to-End connectivity of DEX Machine with TOSCA Commander.
If my problem, statement is not clear, and you need any inputs to understand the issue please let me know.

Please see attached document for more information.



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Is Tosca Commander installed on the agent? Is the Browser Plugin installed on the Agent. Does that agent have a license?

I always login (RDP) to the agent machine and attempt execution directly through commander on that machine to validate execution is indeed possible. 

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Hi Govind, 
I attached a document that should help you out.  You need to add the server in between the test event and execution list and it looks like you don't have workspace added to the agent. Not sure if you are using AOS? 

All the best,