Does Neoload support SharePoint Application?

  • 7 July 2023
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Need to do some performance testing on a workflow application developed using SharePoint and Power Apps.

1) Does Neoload supports SharePoint application?

2) Can Neoload handle Microsoft's multifactor authentication?

Issues that I ran into:

Background: ShapePoint application that I am working on supports Microsoft Edge only. 

i) If Neoload is running then ShapePoint Application does not display the login screen, so I have to login to app ahead of time so neoload can access the site.

ii) Once I create some scripts, it is only good as long as the login session is valid.

iii) Microsoft's multifactor authentication normally prompts the user to enter username and password from a popup screen and displays an authentication number on the screen. The user has to manually enter the authentication number on the Microsoft authenticator app on their cell phone to login to the application.

3) How can I capture the access token for multifactor authentication?



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Hello, i know that some customers are using NeoLoad to test their SharePoint application. I do not have more details but it seems that it requires some extra design works due to some dynamic parameters but it works. You might have some challenges due to login authentication process as well especially if you have 2FA authentication.

To answer your question if you did not get a login screen while recording with NeoLoad it means that you were alread logged in. You should manually remove cookie/cache from your browser to make sure that there's no session in progress while recording with NeoLoad.

That should fix your login session validity but as said above you may have issue if you need to use Microsoft authenticator since NeoLoad will not be able to manage that.

I guess you may have to temporarily disable 2FA for your load testing.


Maybe other users from that forum may provide their experience on such matter.