DEX Exeuction only for "not executed" items

  • 14 December 2023
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So in our team, we use DEX to distribute run of execution lists. 

It happens that we need to make a rerun after the initial run. But, we don’t want “green” executions to be run again. So we need to limit exeuction to “not executed” or “red” test executions.


Is it possible to configure DEX to only run “not executed”/”red” test cases?

1 reply

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Maybe first step could be finding or filtering ExecutionLists which contain failed tests in results.

This TQL query should give you them

=>ExecutionLogs[Name == "ActualLog"]
->TestCaseLogs[Result == "Failed"]

I am thinking also about how to automate that process; maybe the TC-Schell or Tosca REST API can be used to trigger that execution lists on DEX (they both support TQL queries too, so full process can be automated). I know that through API you can use ExecutionList as an input to trigger executions on DEX which will allow you to avoid having Events and use kind of “dynamic” approach for running tests, but I am not sure about TC-Shell.

It would be very handy to have an ability to run tests or executionLists on DEX based on TQL queries, but I don’t know if Tricenstis supports that. Like, to have an Event which will execute VirtualFolder (assuming that results are ExecutionLists) instead of only ExecutionLists.