Change history and revisions: what to do in a multi user project?

  • 8 November 2023
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Question: Is there any way to revert individual parts of a tree (e.g., the test case tree) to a certain revision? Or is it really only possible to revert the entire project?

Some background: our team currently starts to utilize Tosca to test our software. Actually, I should say our teams because we've more than one - each of them having about 5 to 10 team members. If everybody contributes to our test cases, modules, and so forth, eventually a mistake will happen that goes unnoticed for some time. If that happens, I think it's a really bad option to revert the entire project to the revision before the mistake was made. Doing so will erase a lot of work that was done in the meantime. Of course changes could be reverted manually but that will be cumbersome as the change history doesn't show all the details (e.g., for deleted objects).


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Switching revision is valid for a complete Project (Common Repository). If you want to revert only a specific Component Folder, then it will not be possible. Though you can export a subset of a specific revision for any object. 

  • Right-click on the object and then navigate to Versioning->View Change History for Tree from the context menu. Refer Here
  • From the results get the revision number to which you want to revert.
  • Again Right-click on the object and then navigate to Versioning->Export subset for revision... from the context menu. Refer Here
  • Enter the revision number and click on OK.

Otherwise, you may revert your complete project to a revision using Switching between revisions.