Can someone give me more information about the error NL-CITRIX-CONNECTICA-06

  • 29 January 2024
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When I try to run the test I get the error code NL-CITRIX-CONNECTICA-06. 

I have already validated the Userpath. This test are working with Citrix getting the value icaString

2 replies

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Hello,  have you run the check user path and the test from the same load generator?

You could also start your test in debug mode starting it with the buggy button instead of the regular button. You will find the information in your test result under Details tab. This will help you to check the transactions prior the error.

I got this message:

Error detected by NeoLoad

Details: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Output> <Status state="ERROR">Cannot connect to Citrix Server: ICAClientError(type=NEOLOAD_NO_SESSION_FOUND,code=10001,text=No session found after logon. Please launch C:\….\NeoLoad 2023.3\tools\citrix\nl_citrix_for_64bits.reg and retry.)</Status> </Output>

Please refer to the documentation for further details and advice

→ I already launch the .reg file , but I still have the same error

→ When I run for 1 user it works , but when I try with more than 1 it fails