Can Neoload GUI be used isolated from neoload web?

  • 7 February 2024
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I’ve seen the videos in the Academy and are mixed with the neoload web and the GUI. Can I only use the GUI? I’m getting confused and some stuffs are only explained for one of the products.


Can someone assist me?


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4 replies

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Hello, NeoLoad GUI is mandatory to record your application. You can run your tests from it and get your results. NeoLoad Web is optional and it’s a Web application from which you can run your tests and get results as well.

So if you are beginning you should focus on NeoLoad GUI and then later you can consider NeoLoad Web later on.


For that is it safe to simply skip the videos related to NeoLoad web?


I’ve tried to run an scenario with a population  but can’t run it in neoload GUI, I can only use the user path.
So how can I learn about using scenarios?

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Yes it’s safe to skip the videos related to NeoLoad Web since you can run tests from NeoLoad GUI. Except the documentation and the youtube videos there’s only the Academy available to learn NeoLoad.

But if you use the NeoLoad sample project it is already configured with a scenario, populations that you can run as is. When you create a scenario you just need to select which population you would like to execute and apply the load you would like to use. There’s nothing else needed to start a test.


When I try to run a scenario (clicking the start playing the currrently selected scenario) I get a message “An error ocurred when leasing automatically a server license” so I can’t run the scenarios but the Check user path.

Shouldn’t I be able to run as it is? That’s why I don’t understand, plus haven’t find any video that explains that